19 November 2007

Mummy@12weeks~3rd Checkup~13 November 2007

I'm so excited!!
Mummy can see you now!!
You're swimming, somersaulting, and jumping inside mummy's belly.

I can see tears in your Babah's eyes.. so touching!
He cried for you.. He cant believe u were there.

Me and bee went for my 3rd check up. At first rase risau sgt. Takut dpt apa2 bad news lagi.. (Oh..pls.. I'm still phobia to have check up). Bee calmed me.. not to worry much. Nati takut darah naik pulak.
As usual, I did urine check and blood presure. Dr Z said, everything ok. Yey! Mummy's condition is ok..!
Then Dr Z scanned my belly. Oh My GOD! I dont believe my eyes now. I can see my baby jumping, kicking inside. Amazingggg!! Bee so excited. I can see he is crying.. (dia mmg sgt sentimental.. maafkan dia..)
Dr Z said my baby is very active. He laughed when see my baby so excited jumping2. Dia tau org tgh tgk dia sekarang nih.. haha! Show off eh.. mcm Babah dia..
Now, rasa lega yg teramat. Doc give me obimin for my suplement.

Yey! dpt vitamin baru!
bye-bye asid folic.. :p

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