14 November 2007

Where the journey's begin

On 27th September 2007, 4.05am .. I woke up from my sleep to do something which I dont like to do actually. Something that always give me negative feelings before. I tried to be positive for this time as I'm really sure there is something will be happend. I already 4 days late. Plus my swollen breast, dizziness, etc..etc..

Before walk to toilet, I still keep praying, pls God.. pls give me the good news.. And I pee sambil tutup mata.. my heart still keep praying.. I touch the tester to my urine.. and the result.. jeng..jeng..jeng

Alhamdullillah, 2 red stripes appeared. I just feel like crying. Outside, hubby was waiting with full hope.. buat muke seddey keluar toilet.. Bee ckp 'takpela.. belum rezeki lagi'. Then I showed him the tester.. Hah! He jumped like crazy.. at 4.10 in the morning oke..

We've been waiting this for so long after my termination on April 2007.. I just put on hope month to month. And Alhamdullilah Allah hear my doa..

I promised to myself not to tell anyone yet bout this.. siap remind bee jgn over excited pi cite2 kat org. And I keep the secret for 2 weeks when that morning I informed Ida (my best officemate) bout this. Kantoi tak puasa actually, and she feel very sorry to me.. "Alaa.. period eh.. xpe cube lagi.." And I cant stop my eager to tell her bout my pregnancy. She smiled and congrated me.. Thanks Ida.. She's the one who get me to her hometown for berurut.. Berkat urut and betulkan peranakan, lekat juga.. Made in Kuala Kangsar.. hahah!

Then I informed Uda, my sis. She dont put any hope on me selagi tak confirm dgn doctor. She asked me to go to clinic to confirm my pregnancy. And I told her not to tell anyone include mak. She promised to keep the secret.

Selang 2 minit mak smsed me 'Tahniah la.. jaga diri elok2. Jgn makan macam2'.. cheh!

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