20 August 2009

How can we prepare our toddler for a sibling?

This question keep playing on my mind. Boleh ke Adeef terima adik dia nanti? He likes baby. He knows how to kiss a baby. But can he accept if Mummy or Babah holding Adik, nenenkan Adik, sleep with Adik..??
Now nih saya selalu practice Adeef dgn soalan, mana baby? siapa Abang Adeef? macam mana baby cry? Most of the time he will answer me. Tapi kalo asik tanye dia akan buat muka tak reti je.
Adeef will be 21months (1 year 9 mths) when his Adik born. Hopefully masa tu Adeef dah pandai dan faham yang dia adalah Abang kepada Adik nya nanti. Lately ni pun kalau saya keletihan atau takde mood nak main-main dgn dia, dia pandai bawak diri main sendiri. Kesian. Saya cuba sedaya upaya saya untuk menghabiskan masa dgn Adeef sebelum kelahiran Adik. Biar nanti Adeef takkan rasa tdk dipedulikan.

Saya gugel, dan jumpa jawapan kepada soalan saya di atas. Ini adalah pengalaman dari mereka yang membuat saya sedikit lega :)

Answer 1:

My son was 16 months when his little sister was born...he did not like her at all. Our hospital was great though, they let him come and stay over with my husband and me. When we got home the first day he was so mad and cried a lot. Every time I would hold her, he would cry for me to hold him. Luckily newborns sleep alot because that gave me time to focus on him, we made a big deal out of him being the big brother and we also made sure that everyone acknowledged him first when they came over because the new baby didn't know the difference. Some people have it easier then we did but our son was so upset about his sister. We even tried buying him a baby doll before she was born and he didn't like that either. He's now 18 months and she's 2 months and he is so cute with her. He'll point to her and say "Sissy Jenna" and he'll kiss on her head without having to be prompted. I don't think he remembers his life without her now. If your 1st child is anything like mine, the first month or so will be rough, but once you get your routine and life back together everything will be fine! For advice on how to prepare? I don't have any! I mean your 1st child gets all the attention for so long from everybody! And then all of a sudden theres a new baby that everybody wants to see and hold, of course it's going to be hard but everybody adjusts eventually!!
Answer 2:

I just recently gave birth to our second child, baby girl, and our son was 22 months old. The latter part of the pregnancy, he noticed that my tummy was getting bigger, and would pat my tummy. I told him point blank there was a baby in momma's tummy and that he's going to be a big brother. He would come and give my tummy kisses, "high fives" and he would sing to my tummy and also try and share his binky with my tummy. Once our baby was here, he no longer associated with my tummy and understood that the baby is out now and is staying for good. And all of that at 22 months. Good luck!

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Hope this can help me..:)

warrgggghhhh!!! geget adikk!!

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